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comprehensive investment banking platform

Next Level Financing

Nahakama offers a new generation of hands-on, highly-strategic merchant bank services, while also operating a family desk that can fund opportunities unto itself. We primarily work with small-scale enterprises that are looking to raise funds in an effort to fuel growth ins ales, expansion into new marketing or finance acquisitions. Nahakama's team has a successful track record of providing creative financing strategies that not only provide the needed funds, but many times offer the strategic consultation, new partnership and new market connection to accelerate an organization's success following a respective financing round.

Nahakama's team of experienced financing specialists, offers creative equity financing, bridge financing, mezzanine financing and a number of corporate balance sheet enhancement strategies to help bridge the gap between venture capital and a public offering. Nahakama finds a wide range of financing opportunities for companies in a state of growth, or those seeking to drive growth. Nahakama offers a number of trade financing products to its clients, usually combined with strategic consultative services design to amplify the success surrounding the use of proceed.

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Recent Transactions

A sampling of some of the transactions that have been structured by the Nahakama team.